We produce in our own factory, fire rated wooden doors manufactured in the 30 minutes FR, 60 minutes, 90 minutes by utilizing Kingsa and Halspan fire rated core board material. We also manufacture wooden non-fire rated doors, window frames and much more…

Hermetically Sealed Door

One of the most important component of hospital operating theatre is the door. Hermetically sliding doors are specially designed to control the air pressure which is of utmost importance in the hospitals. The technology used by the company meets all the international quality and safety regulations. The door is surrounded by a four side rubber sealing gasket that ensures 99.9% hermetic sealing, which reduces the contamination risk between the rooms and controls the pressure in the room.

Stainless steel doors

Stainless steel doors are durable and resistant to rust. It can be adapted to various requirements – size and weight of door wings, shape of door handles prevent from hooking the aprons.


  • Stainless steel and painted stainless steel automated doors.
  • Track system including all necessary running gear floor guidance
  • Hermetically sealed gaskets and handles
  • Various options to accommodate lead through rail system
  • Microprocessor controlled electric automation
  • Fire rated, fully assembled door kits
  • Available in more than 8 types of finishes

Hinged Doors

These doors can be used externally or internally giving a more secure and longer lasting alternative. Each door is manufactured to exact opening sizes and is available in single leaf, double leaf or leaf and a half version.


  • powder coated steel door leaf
  • aluminum door frame
  • clear glass window
  • stainless steel handle locks

Automatic Operated Doors

Automatic hermetic sliding doors for operating theatres of hospital is completely sealed to protect the interior room as a clean room for patients for operations.


  • Hermetically closing is 99.999986% air tight at pressure of 50 P.A.
  • Control system is designed in accordance with the safety requirements of medical electrical system.
  • Emergency opening in the event of a fire or power failure.
  • Security sensors are adopted to automatically detect if there any obstacles when the door is closing and keep the door opening to ensure the safety of passengers or equipment.

Sliding Doors

It is the optimal option for operating theatres where door wings do not interfere with the room space. It is manually operated with ease with a robust double-sided stainless handle.


  • These are easy to install. Quiet and easy running nature combined with low force requirements ensure that these can be opened and closed easily.
  • Smooth & Reliable.
  • Full threshold safety
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