Linac Bunkers

The radiation attenuation required in treatment room shielding can be provided by a number of materials. The properties of each are carefully considered, including high density concrete or blocks, which are useful to reduce the physical thickness of the shielding and hence the footprint of a facility in confined situations. Critical features that need to be observed in the construction of the shielding to avoid reducing its integrity are also taken in consideration; these include the arrangements for the ducts for different services that will need to penetrate the shielding, all international and local legislation

Traditional construction concrete bunker and Pre-Manufactured Shielded Facilities for Short-Term or Permanent Installation (In partnership with Veritas)


We help you determine the facility configuration that will work best for you. Pre-engineered room layouts for

virtually every modality and machine energy simplify the work of the architect. Customized room designs, along with all required details, can be engineered should standard design modules not be entirely suited

to specific project requirements.


Our on-staff physicists make sure that your facility is properly shielded and meets all regulatory requirements.

In-house physics capabilities provide the assurance of optimum shielding functionality. We can reduce overall costs by tailoring the best shielding solution to every application. We work to your physicist’s performance criteria and provide a 100% guarantee of shielding effectiveness and integrity.


We’re involved every step of the way, ensuring that design, configuration, equipment, and other components satisfy your requirements.

Project Management

We work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs and will get you treatment-ready as quickly as possible. Acting as a single point of contact, your Project Manager will liaise with all members of the project team to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on schedule.

Manufacturing (in partnership with international brands specialized in the field)

Under controlled factory conditions, ensuring the highest quality and fast, trouble-free onsite installation.


Modcon manages the entire process, monitoring the jobsite until your project is properly completed.

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