Modular OT (Operating Theatre)

We offer turnkey engineering solutions for modular operating rooms which includes site survey, design, supply, supervision, Installation, Testing & commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of the system.

The construction is done with readymade prefab panels with speedy construction and high quality finishes and flexible to future expansions & maintenance without interrupting other functioning departments.

The advancement of construction systems and technology, allows to adjust budgets and designing spaces of greater efficiency in health centers. Precisely, the design of surgical areas and their adjoining spaces in hospitals is one of the main elements that determine the effectiveness and performance of a hospital.

Our Design

Integrated project that innovates the space for hospitalization. Modular, versatile, ergonomic, the system of headwall and wall system is characterized by the selected materials, the use of color, the effective lighting system, the range of advanced and integrated solutions for different healthcare environments, greater simplicity in the reconfiguration and in the implementation of the different elements.

The system is entirely designed and built in the company, subjected to rigorous checks and tests essential for product certification.

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