Factory Built Hospitals

Factory Built Hospitals

Modular Operating Theatres

Modular Operating Theatres

Factory Built Hospitals

Factory Built Hospitals


From a modest office at Dubai, UAE Modcon has grown into a full-fledged healthcare construction company offering all verticals of hospital construction in- house with its presence in UAE, Oman and India. This was part of our mission to make our vision of being “ The # 1 choice of customers worldwide for healthcare infrastructure”. We started with our Engineering services from piped medical gas systems followed...Read more
Manoj Dharman
Managing Director, Modcon

Modcon a leading name in turnkey medical engineering and healthcare construction industry in the Middle East and Asia. We are one point tailor made solution provider for all your hospital construction needs. We work with various healthcare providers, offering the most efficient and cost effective medical engineering, electro-mechanical and interior fit out services.

The organization is a family of over 250 employees with offices across UAE & India.

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Factory Built Hospitals

We can deliver world-class medical engineered modular facilities, hospital electromechanical system and hygiene finishes that are defined and implemented in closed collaboration with our customers.

Turnkey Medical Engineering

Healthcare and medical engineering innovation continues to grow at a rapid speed, the importance of an efficient, transparent & reliable solution providers to handle your requirements has never been greater.

WHY CHOOSE US?Our Advantages & Strengths

Modcon a leading name in healthcare turnkey projects

Founded in 2006 and expanding rapidly

1000+ Global employees strength
Deeper pools of talent

A culture of collaboration Strong relation
with subcontractors

Global knowledge and international standards applied in our projects wrtlocal communities

Over 270 successfully completed projects
in Middle East, Asia and Africa

Worldwide Network

Our network at a glance, companies are united in their responsibility to create healthier futures.

VAST ExperienceOur Verticals

Our highly skilled and professional team has extensive knowledge and experienced with all type of modular buildings and its committed to provide high quality workmen-ship and world class customer service.

Design Capabilities

Modcon fabricates up to 95% pre-finished modular units in our in-house factory.

Welcome to a new style of construction, conceptualized to save time and money without compromising of design and strength. This new building method adapts the latest off site construction technology to traditional construction in the UAE and surrounding regions in record time and also within budget utilizing Modoc’s modular, off-site construction process.

  • Building Design
  • MEP
  • Medical Engineering
  • Way Finding
  • Production
  • Facade

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