RF Shielding & Magnetic Shielding

MRI RF shielding requirements are not all the same. With each RF enclosure/MRI project, we identify the RF shielding material and installation technique to provide optimal long-term shielding performance. we’ve partnered with MRI vendors and providers to design and install MRI RF shielding to deliver superior attenuation, long-term performance, rapid installation and ultimately, improved patient care.

MRI RF Shielded Doors

Trouble-free and leak-free. PDC designs and manufactures custom and standard-size automatic and semi-automatic MRI RF doors to provide excellent RF attenuation, noise reduction and ease of use for MRI suites.

Magnetic Steel Shielding

Custom designed and installed steel shielding reduces the magnetic fringe field when required for safety purposes or to eliminate the possibility of adverse effects to other equipment. Modcon will assist with the design and specification of the magnetic shield and provide a detailed bid for the installation.

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